One of the most neglected things in the house is the dryer vent.

How To Keep A Safe Home By Dyer Vent Cleaning


We are not as mindful of it as how we’re careful about the gas tank, the stove, the fridge, or the other appliances that we use everyday and that have tendencies to cause nuisance at home if not properly taken care of. We are not conscious about the dryer vents because basically our mind is on the dryer, not the vent.


What A Neglected Dryer Vent Can Cause


First, let’s have a review on how a dyer vent works. The dryer vent serves as the tube passageway of the hot air after it has been heated and sent through the clothes we wish to dry. It is installed from a hook at the back of the dryer up to the wall that leads to the outside of the house. Usually it is made of aluminum. Dryer vent wall mounts should already be inherent in the making of the house especially in the modern world. Without it, the hot air from the dryer may circulate inside the house and the high temperature can cause molds, and hence may lead to acquisition of sicknesses among family members. The accumulated lint can also cause fire.




Cleaning It Is As Easy As A, B, C


We can always clean our dryer vents in an effective but simple way as dryer vent cleaning irvine residents do. They know how satisfying it is to un-install the vent tube and witness all the stuck lint and dirt inside which they will minutely remove. Or, they will call a service for cleaning their dryer vents. You may consider the following reminders for dryer vent cleaning:


  • Check the lint trap from time to time to make sure there are no rips because the lint that freely move may cause clogging.
  • Inspect the vent tube itself. Make sure there is no physical damage.
  • Use the right brush to remove the lint.
  • Last but not the least, it is best to call a professional to clean the dryer vent for a comprehensive inspection and meticulous cleaning.